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Should I Also Keep a Copy of My Data in My Office?

In most cases, you should keep a backup copy of all of your data in your office, but you might not have to solely rely on this. Here's why.

New technologies in data storage and transfer have given business owners and managers more options for syncing and moving files into backup services. Although keeping files in your office may have been the best option for safety's sake in previous business generations, this may no longer be necessary.

Data today does not need a hard copy stored in a physical location in order to remain safe. Technologies that place data in the cloud are actually more encrypted than localized hardware technologies. They also have an additional advantage: If your data cannot be physically stolen from a place, then you gain a great deal of security that was simply not possible before.

However, it may be somewhat relevant for certain aspects of business to keep your data in a physical location. For instance, many of your partners and suppliers may not have caught up to the technology of the day. They may not understand the concept of fluid data or even the cloud, so you may need to keep a hard copy of your data in your office for them.

If you are a smaller business without the funds for the ongoing costs of holding data in remote locations, you may also benefit from a physical storage location. Although it has been made much cheaper to move data into the cloud, it is still less expensive to store data locally.

If your business has need of increased security or more flexibility with its data, however, you absolutely must invest in file sync services and remote backup services. These two features are among the best ways to ensure that you can keep data everywhere that you need it–on your smartphone, on an airplane, in a remote location–when it must be changed right before an important meeting.

The bottom line is this: You may need to keep a copy of your data in your office for the time being, but the time is coming when this will be completely obsolete. Be sure that you are ready for this reality in the very near future.