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How to Order Complex Dedicated Server Clusters

As your business expands and technology advances, you may discover it is time to upgrade the servers your are currently running.  This can sometimes be confusing as there are so many available options for you to choose from.  First, you must determine which type of service you require; a dedicated server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or colocation of your own equipment.  How do you know which is the best option for your business?  The answer can only be found by looking at your current requirements and planned expansions for the future (although these are sometimes difficult to predict).  Ensure the hosting company providing the service for you has the availability of larger server configurations so as your requirements change they will be able to allocate additional resources to meet your needs.

Why upgrade your server?
There are a number of reasons why you may need to upgrade your current servers.  Part of the problem is determining when the best time is to do the upgrade.  If any of the following apply to you, it is definitely time to start looking for another solution.

  • your server is no longer secure
  • you have expanded your services
  • you do not want to host the server in-house anymore
  • you are outgrowing the resources
  • you would like to change the location of your server
  • the hosting company is no longer in business
  • the hosting company is unreliable

How to order a dedicated server?
It is very important to find the hosting company that is reliable and has the expertise to help you though the process of choosing the right services for your business.  It is not always easy determining the right VPS or dedicated server configuration, so choose a hosting provider that will take a look at your current configuration and give you recommendations as to what the best solution they can provide.  Also take into consideration the geographical location of their data centres and if the servers are built with enterprise or consumer level equipment - both very important as it could take a toll on the reputation of your business.

Ordering customized server setups.
We are receiving more and more requests for customized hosting solutions, most of which include multiple servers, SAN arrays, private VPNs and custom firewall configurations.  These options are essential to allowing us to meet the ever growing demand of safe and secure data.  When setting up these types of custom server configurations, the technical team at your hosting company will need a far greater amount of information than with a standard dedicated server setup.

Here is a list of items you should have prepared before you initialize contact with a hosting company that offers dedicated servers:

  • specifications of the current servers being used
  • a list of software (including versions) in use on the server
  • a full application overview
  • a list of your new server requirements
  • a full and complete network diagram (multiple server setup only)
  • storage requirements
  • specific network requirements

Remember, it is very important to not only find a hosting company that meets and understands your requirements, but one that is able to make recommendations and work with you and your team on finding the best solution.  With a number of available server options it is important to find the right setup and configuration to optimize the performance of your server cluster.