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How important is it to include video on your website?

How important is having video on your website?

We often get asked if adding video to a website is important, and the answer is yes. Incorporating video into your website allows you to communicate information about your business in a simple way to visitors. There are many techniques being used to increase sales and promote products on the web, and video is one of the best ways to do this. Adding a video to your website not only allows you to showcase your products, but allows visitors to experience your company in a different way by being more intimate and telling a story about your business.

What is the Seven Second Rule?

In todays fast-paced online world visitors are bombarded with information overload and their attention is being pulled in a number of different directions. This means you have a smaller window of opportunity to grab your visitor's attention. If you are able to get clients to engage in your website, you will only have a short time, approximately seven seconds, to promote your products and services. This is commonly referred to as the "Seven Second Rule", if the visitor does not see something of interest on your website within 7 seconds they will leave your website and may never return. So it is important to ask yourself, how much business are you losing by not being able to showcase the products and services you offer?

What are the reasons for adding video to your website?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to add video to your website:

  • Get noticed!
  • Engage with customers
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Increase search engine rankings
  • Qualify your company as one which provides quality products
  • Tell your company's story

Does video on your website affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

A number of years ago Google purchased YouTube and integrated video into its generic search queries. This means that including video on your website gives you one more advantage to being found by search engines. Video also increases the amount of time a visitor spends on your website (which is also tracked by search engines such as Google).

Here is an example: If you need to learn how to change the spark plugs in your car, are you going to want to read 250 lines of text instructions, or watch a 2 to 3 minute video that shows you exactly what to do. As illustrated below, when searching "how to replace spark plugs", video links show up as the top three results followed by text links.


What to avoid when creating a video?

The purpose of creating a video for your website is to help increase public awareness of your business. There are a number of things to avoid when creating a video for your website that may end up adversely affecting your online business.

1. Do not over-promote your business. Most visitors do not like the in-your-face approach style of marketing. They only want to be presented with the information in a clean and simple matter, without having to look through all the hype.

2. No call to action. Producing any marketing material without a call to action, including video, diminishes its effectiveness as a marketing tool. If your goal is to have visitors share your video through social media like Facebook and Twitter, you need to ask them.

3. Avoid unscripted video. Even though you really know your products, make a point of using a script in your video. You will avoid words that are used in everyday conversation like "um" or "like" which do not come across well in video and viewers may tune you out.

4. Do not use boring visuals. It is key to make sure your video delivers your message in a straightforward manner. Your video should be visually appealing without overdoing it.

5. Timing is everything. When writing your script, ensure you have enough time to present the information that is intended. If you need to cover a number of points or present more than one product in your video, time your script properly to ensure you are not rushing through just to fit it all in. You can always break up larger topics into other videos so do not feel as though you have to compress everything into the same video.

Is creating a video for my website expensive?

Almost all video is taken digitally and as technology advances we see the cost of video creation decreasing dramatically. To produce a high quality video you can expect to pay anywhere between $750 and $1000. With the introduction of low cost consumer based cameras there are some that are tempted to try and produce the video on their own. Is creating your own video a good idea? Not really, unless you have a background in video production, graphics and sound. We have all seen some of the horrible videos that have been created and posted on YouTube, so you have to decide, do you want to be associated as an amateur or as a professional business? Video production specialists in this industry have the right equipment and knowledge to produce a high quality video that will be appealing and eye catching to your website visitors.

There are obviously a lot of things that need to be considered when creating a video for your website. It is important to do your research and really think about what information you want to present to your visitors. Finding the right company to that will guide you along the way is very important step in the process. Don't be afraid to ask the tough questions and make sure you end up with a great video that will help grow your business online.